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Full-stack Web Developer

for Cognigy AI

🎯 Happily lending a hand to my incredible marketing team, assisting them with all things related to web development in HubSpot and beyond. Together, we've been striving to enhance our overall efficiency and become a leading force in the market.

Best things about Aleksandar Perisic is desire to learn & WebDev, WordPress decade of experience.

Aleksandar is developer that love to implement interesting ideas, making great products.
Currently seeking a remote position in Germany, Munich.
Everything about WebDev, Frontend, Technical SEO a full 360 website audits with tools like SEOMoz, Semrush, and Ahrefs.


Implement any idea into clean and custom WordPress theme with latest standards in mind, SCSS, WebP, Caching, SEO.


Creating shops from zero or working around existing content, doing speed audits and all kind of optimizations.

Version control

Used many of them from SVN for WordPress plugins to Bitbucket, Gitlab and Github. Love Bitbucket pipelines and automation they can deliver.


Figma is place where I can be creative the most. Can convert any design into custom WordPress theme.


Prefer custom SCSS with flexbox & grids but in general can work with any SASS framework.

Task runners

Gulp and Webpack are my favorite ones, but love to explore Vite, Rollup and others


Happy to work with Agile teams via Sprints and tackle any task with a scrum methodology.


English language is main language & my mother language is Bosnian / BHS / Croatian language.


I try to catch all new things about security and find best ways to secure client apps. I always advise Multi-factor authentication as extra layer.


Secured backups be it local or remote. Secured and automated backups. Can setup a right right Disaster Recovery Plan in place.


Done some big transfers like 250GB+ sites with large databases from/to various servers/hostings.


Must say I work more and more with WP-CLI as its much faster and no need to login to WP sites


Maintenance is important part for WordPress websites, regular upates, file checks, security on daily basis with premium plugins.


Consultation in many ways can help boost project, plugin or theme go in the right way and endure as long as posible in the future


As a developer that knows a design in-and-out I can help a team with different point of view and different set of mind


Real device testing, cross device & cross browser testing, find, fix and manage bugs faster.